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We are a small stud dedicated to breeding Top Quality, All - Round, Versatile Kelpies.

We expect our Kelpies to work all types of stock inc sheep / cattle / goats / pigs & poultry. They also compete in sheep & Cattle trials and are trained in Obedience, Agility, Herding and Trick demonstrations at public events.

Our Kelpies are confident, friendly and have an compliant attitude. They are breed for their natural ability to work all types of stock. They have inherited,wide calm paddock ability with the strength to work in the yards as well.

We Believe a well bred Kelpie should be able to think for itself during work, to problem solve, be able to work all areas of the property at the same time as working as a team with their handlers.

At Arabanoo Stud, we are breeding working kelpies for pratical working situations, that with the right handler should all be capable of being top trial dogs as well.

Arabanoo Kelpies have been sold to sheep/cattle stations, professional muster's, Pig Hunters, Hobby farmers, Dog triallers and as Pet companion dogs. They are also handy at Agility, Obedience, Herding or Flyball dog sports.

Our stud is based in the Darling Downs area of Queensland, Australia, an area that provides lots of oppurtinities for the dogs to work and play!

Taryn & Derek Binstead

0409 800 159 / 0427 853 416


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"Just though I would give you a quick update on How Doc it going. From day one took him out the back and let him go to see what he did, he cast around the cattle and started bri..."

Randal Jacobson

Owned by Arabanoo Doc

"I?ve just realised it?s been almost 2 years since a little black & tan pup with massive ears called Arabanoo Rum arrived at my place. She was 8 weeks old & a bundle of energy. N..."

Amanda Polonski

Farmer and stock contractor

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