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Arabanoo Stud was founded by Taryn and Derek Binstead in 2010. ALTHOUGH, Taryn started the Kelpie Stud in 2003.

The name "Arabanoo" is an Aboriginal name and the name of a lookout at Dobroyd Headland, Balgowlah, Sydney, Australia. It overlooks Sydney harbour towards Manly and out thru the North and South head lands.


Taryn is from Sydney and started grooming dogs in 1999. She started her own Pet care services on the Northern Beaches of Sydney in 2003 providing dog walking,training,grooming & transport to her clients. Taryn was also very active in the local canine community INSTRUCTING in Obedience, Agility, Sheepwork and competing in sheep yard trials and cattle trials. This business grew but the country called. In 2005 A move to Queensland found Taryn and the Arabanoo Kelpies settle in Nobby and working at Herriot House Vet Surgery, Toowoomba.

Taryn started training a rare Tamworth Sow and soon was doing Pet expos and Educational days around south east QLD.

Derek hails from Rathdowney, Queensland. He grew up on a cattle property and married Taryn in 2010.

Dylan arrived in August 2011 to the joy of Taryn& Derek. Dylan is becoming the Apprentice Dog Trainer with natural animal love!

Together Taryn & Derek work the stud, training the kelpies, sharing their knowlege & love of Animals. They still compete in sheep & cattle trials throughout Queensland and Northern NSW.

While Taryn grooms and trains dogs in the Toowoomba area, Derek manages a mixed farm near Coominya, looking after Free Range Berkshire pigs, poultry, Boer Goats and cattle. Giving him a chance to work and train the Kelpies each day.

The Future of the Stud is to breed Top quality Kelpies and Ducks. Taryn & Derek hope to one day have a property to open a stock dog training ground and dog training facility

Till then Taryn will continue to make the the dogs of Toowoomba Beautiful and help everyday families understand and live happily with well trained dogs while Derek works the Kelpies & breeds the ducks - together working all the animals!!

In 2011 - Taryn started her Certificate 3 in Dog Behaviour and Training course thru the National Dog Trainers Federation. In 2012 she will be a qualified dog trainer. Derek is looking to do the same course in 2012.

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"Just though I would give you a quick update on How Doc it going. From day one took him out the back and let him go to see what he did, he cast around the cattle and started bri..."

Randal Jacobson

Owned by Arabanoo Doc

"I?ve just realised it?s been almost 2 years since a little black & tan pup with massive ears called Arabanoo Rum arrived at my place. She was 8 weeks old & a bundle of energy. N..."

Amanda Polonski

Farmer and stock contractor

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