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 Taryn is now a Qualified Dog Trainer gaining her 

Certificate IV in Dog Behaviour and Training

thru the National Dog Trainers Federation

Dog Behaviour Assessments and Training Consults will be available

from Westbrook Vet Surgery every Thursday and Friday by Appointment only!

0409 800 159

Basic Manner training ( for a lovely dog around the house), basic obedience, behaviour problems solved, nervous, or dog aggression cases are all catered for by Arabanoo Stud. Puppy Training is also available.


Arabanoo Stud's Training Experience

Taryn started dog training her own dogs in 1992. In 1997 she started INSTRUCTING with local obedience, agility and Sheepdog clubs.

Manly Districts Kennel and Dog Training Club, Canine Fun Sports Agiilty Club, Hawksbury & Erskine Park Sheep Dog Clubs all benefited from Taryn's instructing in Sydney. As part of her own Pet Care Business, Taryn also offered private, one- one training for basic behaviour problems on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Taryn has studied and attended numerous canine courses and seminars and has a large library of Dog training and Behaviour Books. In 2011, Taryn has enrolled with the National Dog Trainers Federation to complete her Cert. III in Dog Behaviour & Training. This will give her the only nation wide recognised certificate in dog training in Australia.

Arabanoo Stud believes in working with the owner to teach them, how to understand their dog. Most dogs are not that bad but misunderstood by their owners. All dogs know how to do basic obedience commands but don't understand what their owners are asking as we forget that dogs don't know english - only body language!!!

Taryn will work on on one with you and your dog - showing you how to communicate with your dog, in a positive wa,y so both you, the owner, and your dog enjoy the training and learn how to live together.

Taryn with friends at Toowoomba Pet & Animal Expo 2010. Taryn gave a demonstration of Obedience, Agility and Canine Trick work with several different

breeds &Handlers.


At the Arabanoo Stud, Taryn & Derek will also show you how to start a young stock dog ( kelpies, border collie etc) on stock. Using ducks or sheep as a starting point, they can show you the basic commands and give you tips to get you in the right direction for a top working dog.

Lessons in Yard and paddock work available now

Taryn training Arabanoo Brandy to beg at Toowoomba Pet & Animal Expo 2010

ALL BREEDS CATERED FOR - OLD DOGS, YOUNG DOGS, BIG DOGS AND SMALL DOGS!! Contact Taryn - 0409 800 159 to discuss how she can help you & your Best 4 legged friend. ( see Rates & Services above for prices)


Bundy was a 4yr old Alaskan Malamute who didn't like other dogs. Her owner rang Taryn as he needed a dog walker but also needed Bundy trained.

You see, Bundy had been attacked by 2 black Labradors and was deeply affected by the experience. Then a cattle type dog attacked her, so after that, Bundy became offensive and everydog she saw, especially black ones, ment she prepared herself for a fight and tried to fight them first!!

This ment alot of stress when walking Bundy for her and her owner. She was a very big Malamute and could be quite stubborn too! Taryn took on the challenge. at the start, Taryn bonded with Bundy and avoided all dogs on the walks. Using treats, basic obedience commands and teaching Bundy to trust her. Soon, Taryn started walking closer to other dogs. At first Bundy would Lunge, growling and ready to fight, But now, she would listen to Taryn - "Sit", "look at me Bundy" " good Girl Bundy" was the main calm words Taryn would say. Every time Bundy looked atTtaryn, Not the other dogs, Taryn would give her a yummy treat!!!

After about a month, Bundy was calmly walking past houses with crazy barking dogs behind the fences with no issues. She could also walk down the street and past dogs on the other side of the road. So Taryn decided to introduce her to some dogs. This was done on leash, with other dogs on leash in a calm, happy enviroment. Bundy was only allowed a very quick sniff then pulled away and praised. Bundy was smart and loved the praise, treats and more enjoyable walks. The more she trusted Taryn, the more Taryn let her talk to more dogs.

Within 6 months, Bundy was walking closely past other leashed dogs without even looking at them. She was confident but calm. Taryn then took the challenge a step further and started introducing her to Off- Leash walks. on her own, then with other dogs Taryn walked too. Bundy made friends with Piper, a Jack Russell and soon was happily running off-leash with up to 5 other dogs in the local off-leash park.Taryn always watched Bundy very carefully with any dog that approached her but one stern voice from Taryn and Bundy knew if she was in the wrong. She also made friedns with another alaskan malamute and a Chocalate Labrador!!!!

Her Owner was overly impressed and started to enjoy his walks with Bundy again. The biggest test for Bundy came when out for a walk with her owner and a friend, The friends dog got in a fight with another dog - Bundy just sat and watched and didn't care - her owner over the moon, as in the past she would of joined in too!!

Taryn continued to walk Bundy in group sessions till 2005, when Taryn moved to QLD. Not long after Bundy was diagnosed with bone cancer and passed away soon after

Bundy was proof that with positive training, Success and happiness can be achieved for all!!!!

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