ARABANOO WORKING KELPIE STUD

We are a small stud dedicated to breeding Top Quality, All - Round, Versatile Kelpies.

 We expect our Kelpies to work all types of stock inc sheep / cattle / goats / pigs & poultry. They also compete in sheep & Cattle trials and are trained in Obedience, Agility, Herding and Trick demonstrations at public events.

Our Kelpies are confident, friendly and have an compliant attitude. They are breed for their natural ability to work all types of stock. They have inherited,wide calm paddock  ability with the strength to work in the yards as well

We Believe a well bred Kelpie should be able to think for itself during work, to problem solve, be able to work all areas of the property at the same time as working  as a team with their handlers.

At Arabanoo Stud, we are breeding working kelpies for pratical working situations, that with the right handler should all be capable of being top trial dogs as well. 

 Arabanoo Kelpies have been sold to sheep/cattle stations, professional muster's, Pig Hunters, Hobby farmers, Dog triallers and as Pet companion dogs. They are also handy at Agility, Obedience, Herding or Flyball dog sports. 

Our stud is based in the Darling Downs area of Queensland, Australia, an area that provides lots of oppurtinities for the dogs to work and play!

call us on  0409 800 159 for more information

 Please enjoy meeting the Arabanoo Stud Dogs & Bitches below



( All Stud dogs are available to outside bitches at a small fee )

Jalinda "Diesel" (WKC rego 45533)    

DOB 25/1/04

( Capree Danny x Harlands Lue)

Diesel is a big, strong dog who excels at sheep Yard work. He is a friendly dog who moves fast on his feet with quick cover and nice casts in the paddock. He mainly works sheep and goats. Diesel also competes in Yard dog & Utility trials. He has also been trained in Obedience, Agility and Scent Dectection. To watch Diesel being trained in Scent Dectection - Click Here, To watch him at a Yard Dog Trial - Click here


Arabanoo "Rowdy" ( WKC rego 53387)   

DOB 7/12/09

( Jalinda Diesel x Kanika Jess)

Rowdy was the first pup kept from this mating. He has grown in to the perfect working dog being versatile and keen to learn everything. He works cattle, sheep, goats, poultry and pigs! There isn't anything he won't work if asked and has the strength to go all day. He has confidence and never backs down. He has just started to trial in sheep adn cattle trials. Whether it be in the yards or the paddock - Rowdy is a versatile, all-round kelpie!! Watch Rowdy at his first yard dog trial - Click here


Arabanoo "Dags"" (wkc rego 54932)      

DOB 6/11/10

(Jalinda Diesel x Darksupreme Buffy)

Dags is  the first red/tan male to be in the stud. He is showing natural ability and strength on the sheep. He is a quick learner and we have big plans for him in sheep & cattle work. Dags is showing wide paddock work with good eye and strength. He is unstoppable in his yard work, with bark and free backing ability. Dags is proving to be a good all round utility dog!he ahs sired 2 litters to outside bitches.


Arabanoo "Hoppy" (wkc rego 55434)

DOB 6/1/11

( Jalinda Diesel x Kanika Jess)

Hoppy got his name from breaking his hind leg as a 12wk old pup. His leg healed well and we started his training at 10mths old. At 12mths old he spent some time in Wilcannia, NSW mustering Feral Goats. After his work had finished, he returned and was going so well, we decided to keep in him in stud. He has amazing strength and has showed great ability on the cattle and pigs. On sheep he is very quiet but has the strength to move any stubborn sheep - He is a free backing yard dog as well.  A very trainable young dog, he is one of our best practical, Utility working dogs who Derek uses everyday on the farm.





Spinifex "Swag" ( wkc Rego 39260)

DOB 20/10/2000

(Joes Spike x Wootton Sue)

Swag was the first ever Kelpie in the stud. He has been my best mate thru work and travel. He has competed in Yard, utility, 3 sheep and cattle trials and has worked with me on the shearing sheds of Braidwood,NSW and helped me Jillaroo out in Dubbo, NSW. He has breed some perfect working Dogs. He has alwasy been a handy All round, Versatile dog. We also trained in Obedience and agility and he helps with dog aggression cases within my dog training business. Unfortunetly Swag has a injury in his spine, causing him athritis and pain so he was de-sexed to make his life more comfortable. He is semi - retired now ( although we haven't told him that yet!!)





 Darksupreme Buffy "Sky"  (wkc rego 45787) 


( Joes Tau x Avenpart Yashena)

Sky is an amazing paddock dog. She has a naturally wide cast with a quiet working nature. She keeps the right distance and reads her sheep making her perfect for 3-sheep trialling. But on cattle she has  bite and bark to force them and no fear to have a good ankle or nose bite if needed. She learns her job quickly and is handy for mustering as she will work well out of sight and all day without stopping. We can send her over the hills to collect the cattle and know she will deliver them to the yards before coming back for more! She has produced some very handy pups. A good all-round, versatile bitch, she competes in 3 sheep, utility, yard and cattle trials.


Kanika "Jess" ( wkc rego 49139)

DOB 21/8/06

(Gunna Ben II x Kanika Lucky)

Jess is the handiest dog we have. She was bought as a started dog and as her confidence grew so did her working ability. Whether it is in the paddock or in the yards, Jess can do it. With no fear and an attitude to please, no job is too hard for her. She has a good cast, backs ( goats & sheep), & has bite and force. Cattle, sheep, goats, poultry & pigs are what she works most days. She is a proven breeder with all her pups being handy workers too. Jess competes in 3-sheep, yard, utility and cattle trials. There is no better All-round, Versatile Kelpie as good as Jess! Watch Jess at her First Yard dog trial - Click Here, Enjoy Jess working Ducks at a pet expo - Click here

Arabanoo Socks

DOB 9/6/12                                                                                   

( Arabanoo Wombat x Kanika Jess)

 Socks has a mature and sensible approach to her work. She is a quiet steady worker in the paddock with natural cast, balance and reads her sheep perfectly. She is light footed and glides over the ground! Socks is proving to be a perfect utility kelpie at a young age and everything we had hoped to breed - Perfect conformation, perfect work, Perfect temperment! 

Socks Is now backing sheep and working Cattle with lots of strength




Arabanoo "Brandy" ( wkc rego 52047)   

DOB 18/1/09

( Spinifex Swag x Darksupreme Buffy)

Brandy is a lovely bitch who just didn't grow very big. We de-sexed her as her size isn't to the Kelpie standard. This has not affected her working ability which is very handy. She has a good cast, cover and will bite if needed. She is trained in Obedience and does Pet expos. She has become a bit more of a companion pet then a worker but we are still using her and training her on all stock when we can!Brandy is looking for a forever home - a home she can be a spoilt house pet doing whatever you are doing - $1500 phone us for more information




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