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We bought Dash from Arabanoo in january this year..2011.. She is FANTASTIC!!! she is so energetic and a very very quick learner...she is always on her best behaviour. She is already wanting to work the cattle with our other Kelpie Jed and is keeping our chooks off the concrete patio.....she is still only 9 weeks old...we were so happy with all the information that Tarryn provided for us and would definately recommend getting a pup from her if you are truely wanting a great dog with plenty of information...and spirit thank heaps guys Dash is such a great pup she has fit in perfectly with our entire family =) especially Jed


satisfied mum

Just though I would give you a quick update on How Doc it going. From day one took him out the back and let him go to see what he did, he cast around the cattle and started bringing them back. He hasn?t looked back since really, he gets worked every day and just starting to be able to do anything with him and he will work paddock and yards with no troubles. I am real happy with his progress, I have to keep reminding myself that he is only 10 months old. Thanks

Randal Jacobson

Owned by Arabanoo Doc

I?ve just realised it?s been almost 2 years since a little black & tan pup with massive ears called Arabanoo Rum arrived at my place. She was 8 weeks old & a bundle of energy. Now she is a sleek, versatile bitch that I couldn?t do without. We have cattle, sheep, goats & even a few alpacas here & she is completely invaluable when it comes to their movement & management. I?m not over exaggerating when I say that there are many days that would be harder & longer without her. Whether it be in the paddocks, yards or truck she has not only continued to impress me but she has also never let me down (no matter how many times I?ve let her down as a handler). And tough ? she?s been boxed in by the rams, kicked by a horse and smothered by a mob of flighty weathers in a dip-drench yet she has never hesitated or questioned what I?ve asked of her. She?s a credit to you, your stud & your bloodlines & I hope that we?ll be able to show off her amazing abilities to you at a yard or utility trial soon.

Amanda Polonski

Farmer and stock contractor

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